Partner with Saihasys to create a comprehensive enterprise underlying your travel, transportation or hospitality business. This enables efficient operations, so you can focus on what matters most – your customers.

Businesses in this industry face challenges that are concrete and react quickly to economic downturns and market shifts. These industries have dealt with drastic decreases in revenue due to rising fuel costs and slower job markets. However, as the economy has made a comeback, so too have these industries.

This now face a different set of issues:
  • Global expansion with contained costs
  • Optimization and standardization of processes
  • An IT architecture that evolves to support disparate components
  • Servicing on a global-scale, specific to local requirements
  • Enabling Green Initiatives through IT
  • Innovative business models and improved competitiveness leveraged through IT

Saihasys provides services and solutions to help businesses in the travel, transportation and hospitality sector operate effectively, manage costs, and enable transformation. Our services facilitate efficient legacy modernization, transformation of enterprise systems, e-commerce, process re-engineering, transaction processing systems, specialized flight systems and loyalty management systems.